The Man of Steel
The 'S' stands for HOPE.

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Hyperion welcomes you to the City, and reminds you that loitering is punishable by death.

Hyperion would also like to remind you that we have open positions for anyone who would like to work making this City better for all. Join today!


"Thanks… I guess I’ll keep that in mind." Maybe looking for an odd job wouldn’t be so hard to find around here he supposed.



OutOfCapes; This account shall now be affiliated with BFRP. It’s been a while since I worked on this muse. So here’s to seeing more of me in the future!

Man of Steel: "They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun."

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The impact of the weight of her sword swung straight at him, which he met with a block of his bear forearm. The steel relents, bouncing back with the same force she had thrown. His brow creased on confusion as to why this woman had started to attack him. Dodging another swing, he tries not to retaliate and hit her with one of his own blows, springing just out of her reach but close enough for a conversation. "Hey— can’t we just talk about this?" his arms were both raised in defense. “I don’t wish to fight you.”


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He could not have predicted what had hit him in mid flight. Dark clouds had hung above him like a thick canopy while the rain fell in heavy sheets, soaking his cape which draped over his form. There was thunder and lightning struck. A beam of light, not just a mere jagged spark, but a beam which contained all the colors of the spectrum, had bore down on him like a jolt which threw him off his course. He plunged towards the earth, the light taking him along with it until it reaches the ground in a violent impact. There was a dead weight upon his chest as the dust clears. A solid mighty weight. A grunt; a shift. When he opens his eyes he sees above him lay a muscled figure, slightly more built than he was, which says volumes. Golden locks cascade over a bearded face and blue eyes, eyes as clear as the vastness of the sky, stare right back at him.

"His name is Kal, son of El, and he’s beyond your reach." 


Martha: You can’t wear a mask Clark. When people see you and can see the things you can do, the power you have, they’ll be terrified. They need to be able to look into your eyes, see your face, so that they can see the decency and kindness that’s always there and know they have nothing to be afraid of. [x]

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"Ye—eah…" A single hand pushed the half eaten mess back towards the homeless before optics veered off to the side, hidden features making most likely the most disgusted face possible. "—that’s all yours now buddy. I did some gross things in my time but I’m not eating taco mixed with dog drool. It already does a special number on my stomach by itself. No seriously, you look familiar. Did you do porn? Infomercials? Wait I got it! You’re the guy from that salad commercial where he’s all naked and stuff!"

"Yeah…better throw this away then." He shoots the soiled taco towards a near by dumpster ten feet away from where he sat. He gets a clear shot of it. Then he dusts his hands before stretching and straightening up.


"Uh— what?" Arching his brow, he was thoroughly amused by the preposterous suggestions. "Uh…." he scratches his scruff, then strokes his beard. "Hey, I’ve done a lotta odd jobs before but I’m pretty sure porn star wasn’t one of ‘em.” He tilts his head at the masked stranger, squinting his eyes. “Do I know you? How come you feel the need to wear that mask.”

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